Cars from 1878 to 1920 - The forerunners

Peugeot Type 8

Code 1420
Chassis no. 190
Body style: phaeton

This delightful four-wheeler is typical of Peugeot’s early production. It is fitted with a V-slanted two-cylinder Daimler, manufactured by Panhard and Levassor. Despite its temperamental hot-tube ignition system, this was practically the only working type of petroleum engine in the early 1890s. When Peugeot decided to fit it to its cars, the exclusive licence that Daimler had granted to Panhard & Levassor meant that Peugeot had to deal with its competitors.
One such Peugeot became famous by successfully completing the course of the Paris-Brest round trip bicycle race. Production started to increase thanks to the diverse range of body styles built at the plants in Valentigney and Beaulieu. Peugeot had another advantage because of its experience in bicycle manufacturing. The softness of the large, rubber-tyred wheels provided much-appreciated comfort.
This car was returned to working order in 1989, through a partnership with the Ecole nationale des Arts et Industries in Strasbourg. 

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