Cars from 1920 to 1950 - The golden age of the car

Hispano Suiza H6B

Code 1703
Body style: coupé chauffeur

This ‘coupé chauffeur’ is a Type H6B, often known as the Hispano 32 CV. It is a stunning, powerful and reliable automobile: a sturdy roadster with faultless finishing, that made a strong contribution to the worldwide reputation of the brand.

Hispano Suiza produced aircraft engines during the Great War. This aeronautical experience was directly used in the design of the H6B, which made waves at the 1919 Paris Motor Show. The six-cylinder, 6.7-litre engine, mounted on a very rigid chassis, was one of the best in its class: versatile, quiet and incredibly reliable. The H6B had its most flamboyant period in the mid-1920s, unrivalled in terms of power, safety and comfort. This model caught the eye when it came out in 1927, and remained a standard-setter until the early 1930s, with two equally-successful versions - the princely body and the racing set-up.

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