Cars after 1950 - Modern Times

Citroën Type 11B

Code 5014
Body style: saloon

Despite avant-garde production methods, Citroën cars remained fairly traditional until 1933. When a front-wheel drive model was announced, it made waves, especially since this new 7 CV model boasted a range of new features, including a monocoque body. The Traction Avant was available in a range of body styles – saloon, coupé, cabriolet, family and van – and with various engine sizes. Between 1934 and 1957, more than 700,000 of these epoch-defining cars were sold to everyone from private individuals to taxi drivers, from police to gangsters, from ambulance drivers to shopkeepers, from the Vichy Milice to the resistance movement. Everyone sang the praises of this motorcar for its handling and reliability.

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