Cars after 1950 - Modern Times

Ferrari Type 156B

Code 0318
Body style: F1 single-seater

The rules of Formula 1 changed in 1961, introducing a maximum engine size of 1500 cc, and no supercharging. This set the engineers of the racing world scrambling to find new solutions. Ferrari thus had to replace the engine with which Mike Hawthorn had won the F1 World Championship in 1958 and Phil Hill in 1961. Their teams came up with the 156, with a central V6 engine, providing 200 horsepower.
The car at the Cité de l’Automobile was driven to victory in the Austrian Grand Prix of 1964 by Lorenzo Bandini. John Surtees drove the teams’ second car of the same type to the World Championship that year. “Big John”, as he was known, had already won the top prize as a motorcyclist and remains the only person ever to have one World Championships both in motorcycle and Formula 1 racing.

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