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Work began to showcase the collection. This major project took several years to implement: all the partition walls in the large warehouse building were removed. The new open exhibition area of 17,000 m² was subdivided into 23 ‘areas’, each comprising ten to twenty cars and surrounded by three kilometres (or two miles) of wide, tiled walkways, which were named respectively ‘Avenue Carl Schlumpf’, ‘Avenue Jeanne Schlumpf’, ‘Rue Royale’, and so on.
At the same time, the pace of the restoration work on the cars increased. This required the participation of seven assistant mechanics, two upholsterers, two bodywork specialists, an assistant bodywork specialist, and five painters. To acquire and exhibit the cars in his collection, Fritz Schlumpf spent around 12 million francs in ten years. But the museum conceived by Fritz Schlumpf was never opened.

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The ‘Schlumpf Museum’ project
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