Cars after 1950 - Modern Times

Ferrari Type 212

Code 0316
Body style: F2 single-seater

The evocative name Ferrari was first of all linked with the story of the racing team that drove Alfa Romeos, but gained world renown when Enzo Ferrari decided to build his own cars in 1946. The resounding victory of the Ferrari 166 MM in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1949 gave Ferrari a reputation of the “Pope” of V12 engines. These lightweight, efficient engines, designed by the talented engineer Gioacchino Colombo became the benchmark for many years to come. This Formula 2 12-cylinder single-seater made a major contribution to this reputation, in the hands of the works team or private stables such as the Swiss team Espadon, with a whole string of wins clocked up by Ferrari. This model competed in around twenty races between 1951 and 1953, including a dozen Grands Prix.

It is an extremely light car, with an aluminium body and a chassis built with a tubular lattice technique. Tubes were welded together to provide rigidity and significant gains in terms of weight.

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