Cars after 1950 - Modern Times

Gordini 17 S

Code 1105
Body style: two-seat sportscar

In the late 1940s, Amédée Gordini left the cramped surrounds of his Suresnes workshop for Boulevard Victor in Paris. He was no longer working with Simca, and moved into the Grands Prix racing scene with his own agile, fast single-seaters, with high-performance engines that were powerful enough to catch cars in higher categories.

Most of the big post-war names drove for Gordini, including Trintignant, Behra, Schell, Frère, Gonzales and even the great Juan-Manuel Fangio who raced a Gordini coupé in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1952. This Type 17 S, with the famous six-cylinder 2-litre inline engine and speeds of over 200 kph (125 mph), was driven by Italian Franco Bordoni. 

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