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Peugeot 404

Code 5028
Body style: saloon

The 403 had been a popular success, helping Peugeot become the second largest French manufacturer. The 404 came out in its wake, with a whole range of body styles, including the saloon, coupé, cabriolet, family, estate, commercial and van versions.
Unlike previous models, the Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina designed a clean, straight, dynamic and modern 404. Early 60s France had put the post-war years of belt-tightening behind it and wanted colour and life. The 404 was sold in cream, as shown here, but also in bright orange, vanilla yellow and pastel blue. More traditional black versions were also built, but were reserved for the use of the army, police and gendarmerie.

Its robust build and simplicity, along with a well-developed spare parts network, and success in the big African rally events, such as the East African Safari, made the 404 a well-known figure on the rough tracks of countries in the South. Even today, you can’t go far in North Africa or Sub-Saharan Africa without seeing a reliable old Peugeot 404! The 404 came to the end of its career in France in 1975, but it continued to be built for some African, Oriental and overseas markets until 1978. One journalist said of the 404, “It feels, with this model, like Peugeot is totally confident in the future of our country”.

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