The “Autodrome”

The new exhibition track is a way for the Cité de l’Automobile to deliberately break with the static image of an exhibited collection.

The Cité de l’Automobile has just opened a new exhibition track. This new track can seat 4,500 people in its stands. It includes an open-air paddock where up to 30 cars can be parked and a clubhouse equipped with a garage to host clubs and provide space to work on the vehicles.
This means that the Cité de l’Automobile has been able to expand from 4 to 8 hectares and add an open-air theatre to its museum complex. The Cité de l’Automobile is the first museum of its kind to create facilities that deliberately make a break with the static image people have of collections in exhibitions.  The cars are being brought back to life and movement, much to visitors’ and collectors’ delight.  

The three rings are suitable for car-related shows and events and for parades displaying the museum's most prestigious cars.  The track is also a good place to host various car collectors clubs and associations.
A great show, “On track! 18 emblematic cars tell their story” is performed every weekend and on bank holidays from July to September. 18 characterful cars drive around telling the story of cars from 1870 until today and presenting their history, the life of their designers and technological and mechanical developments.  From the first bike to the concept car, the models follow one after the other onto the exhibition track to the delight of both young and old: Ford T, Beetle, 2CV, 4CV, Bugatti type 40, Simca Chambord, Rolls Royce, etc