The owner

L'Association du Musée national de l'Automobile 

L’Association du Musée National de l’Automobile was created under the exceptional circumstances of the ‘affaire Schlumpf’ with the aim of saving the Schlumpf collection and keeping it in Alsace. This association brought together the City of Mulhouse, the Haut-Rhin Département, the Alsace Region, the Mulhouse Chamber of Commerce, the Automobile Club de France, the Panhard Company and the organisers of the Paris Motor Show. In 1981, they bought the collection, the grounds and the buildings.  They are responsible for ensuring that its heritage is preserved and enriched.

In this same year, they set up l’Association pour la Gestion du Musée National de l’Automobile which was responsible for opening the museum to the public and developing it.  In 1981, this association brought together the City of Mulhouse (now CAMSA), the Haut-Rhin Département, the Chamber of Commerce, the Departmental Tourism Association, le Comité d’Actions pour le progrès économique et social du Haut-Rhin (CAHR), the Mulhouse tourism office and the Mulhouse Association of Art and Technical Museums.  

In 1999, l’Association pour la gestion du Musée national de l’Automobile commissioned Culturespaces to promote and operate the Cité de l’Automobile and to manage communication.