Cars from 1920 to 1950 - The golden age of the car

Maserati Type 2000

Code 1203
Body style: two-seat sportscar

Of all the wonderful sportscars of the early 1930s, the Maserati 2000 stands out for its typically Italian elegance.  Its mechanical features are also remarkable, with its engine particularly startling: an 8-cylinder inline engine, with two overhead camshafts and a supercharger, producing an output of 150 horsepower.

This car, Code 1203, was built for commercial use, a “civilised” version of the 26B that raced to victory at the Tripoli circuit, despite fierce competition from the Alfa Romeos.
Only six such cars were ever built, and this one, which belonged to a Mr Pedrazzini of Lugano, Switzerland, had a ten-year racing career, including a victory in the Bern Grand Prix in 1935.

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