Cars from 1920 to 1950 - The golden age of the car

Rolls Royce Phantom I

Code 2318
Body style: saloon

The Phantom I, also known as the “New Phantom” until the appearance of the Phantom II, was the third model created by Rolls Royce. It was only on the market for four years, from 1925 to 1929.
In true Rolls Royce style, the car was like nothing else. The Phantom I had the same chassis and suspension as the Silver Ghost, but its large six-cylinder engine of 7,668 cc took the technical specifications of the earlier model to another level. The chassis alone of the Phantom I, just as impressive as the Silver Ghost, weighed nearly 2 tonnes, but the car could nevertheless reach speeds of 130 kph (80 mph), which put it up there with racing cars and a select elite of roadsters.
And just like the other models in the Rolls Royce range, the finishing was perfect. The firm was so sure of the quality of its work that it offered buyers a three-year warranty.
The model on display at the Cité de l’Automobile has a body designed by Binder, one of France’s leading coachbuilders. 

Even though its career was brief, no fewer than 2212 vehicles were built, including a 1927 roadster owned by Greta Garbo.

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