Cars from 1920 to 1950 - The golden age of the car

Rolls Royce Phantom III

Code 2313
Body style: saloon

The Phantom III was the first model made after the death of Sir Henry Royce. Despite its name, it was totally different to the previous Phantoms. Shortly after Sir Henry Royce passed away, his former assistant, Eliott, was set to work on the design of a new car. He had previously proved himself on aircraft engines for Rolls Royce, and he was therefore thought to be just the man to pack the new model with a fair punch. The Phantom III, released in 1935, offered a quiet, driveable engine with luxury and comfort, but also boasted two major innovations: a V12 engine to power the 2700 kg automobile to speeds over 150 kph (90 mph) and independent wheels, which meant that, despite its weight, it was a surprisingly lively Rolls Royce.
The body was designed by Hooper, a well-known British coachbuilding firm.

The Phantom III, designed for pomp and circumstance, provided total comfort for its passengers. Its price was in line with its qualities – even the most basic version was the most expensive car on the UK market. Nevertheless, more than 715 units were sold between 1935 and 1939.   

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